Aaron McCort

Production Artist

Pine Lake Trailer Park, Route 40
BFA in Painting/Drawing, with a minor in Art History
Project Credits:

Before landing at the ScareFactory, Aaron was faculty at the Ohio State University's art department, and managed a Columbus record store for the last decade. Currently, Aaron's duties at the ScareFactory include  finshing products and ordering supplies, along with making Wendigos. Although Aaron describes a typical day of work as "smelly," he enjoys painting zombie heads, and laughing at the hilarious antics of his coworker, Sean Topping.  In his free time, Aaron travels far and wide for a good roll of sushi, and some Russian Film and Literature, and harsh noises. If there is one thing his coworkers had to say about him, Aaron believes it would be, "It's Blue's fault." But, a quote that best describes his general disposition is a notable one by P.G. Wodehouse, "He had the look of one who had drunk the Cup of Life and found a dead beetle at the bottom."