Dustin Weatherby


West Mansfield, OH
BFA in Sculpting
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Most days you will see DJ walking into work with a full gallon of water, and a bag of assorted rabbit food; lettuce, carrots, whatever complex carb he’s loading up on that day. Before working at the Scarefactory, DJ was working construction but since his time with the company he has proven to be a very talented fabricator.

Earning his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with a focus in Sculpting, Dj works away in his welding bay, building animatronics and taking breaks to throw things at whomever may pass by. He is another employee who still doesn’t know what typical day is at the Scarefactory.

Having travelled far and wide to places such as, Mexico, Vancouver, Las Vegas, and New York just to name a few. His favorite though? Los Angeles for the Playboy Mansion Halloween Party. You can also see DJ’s work on the History Channel’ s “Surviving History” series featuring the Scarefactory.

In his free time, DJ enjoys training for boxing, MMA, wrestling, jiu jitsu and loves playing rugby. As a health nut, he mostly eats vegetarian, but greatly enjoys trying all different styles of ethnic food, Indian being one of his favorites. He believes the one thing his co-workers would say about him is, “they betta not say s***, or they bound to get dealt wit!”. But, don’t let the rough exterior fool you, he is quite polite and always willing to help a friend or colleague.

Quote that best describes his general mood? “Life is a trip and then you die- still tryin’ to get a piece of that apple pie!”