Katie Golonka

Art Assistant

Nickname here
Columbus, OH
Theater at Indiana University- Moscow
Notable Projects:
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Another part of our very talented Art Department, Katie studied at the Indiana University’s Moscow At Theatre, where she was trained in acting. However, you may not k now it. Her general demeanor is not dramatic, but quiet and sweet. She describes a typical day of work; “I come in, smile at my coworkers. Then I usually Paint and assemble zombies.” Her duties include making parts for the props, latexing, painting and getting Eric, the art director, paint.  Which seems appropriate since her favorite thing to do at work , is paint!

Outside of the Scarefactory Katie likes “music that is loud and makes no sense”. She is also very active, enjoying biking and distance running. She also likes to do Special Effects makeup and tends to start fires, as well. And one thing she thinks her coworkers would say about her? That she is “charming and beautiful”

Quote that best describes his general mood? “Chaos reigns”.