Kermit Richmond

Engineering Designer

Johnstown, OH
4-Year Apprenticeship
Notable Project Credits:
Angel of Death, T-Rex Skeleton

Kermit spends his days back in his welding bay, welding away and teasing whomever may pass by throughout the day. Despite his duties mostly including "everything, with a side of hurry up", Kermit does so with expert skill and a laid back attitude. He is known for making light of most that comes his way, enjoying the "tough stuff", and embracing the fact that, in his words, "there has never been a typical day" here at the Scarefactory.

Kermit gained his knowledge through 4 years of apprenticeship, building his expertise. Though he has been with the Scarefactory "forever", he was previously a sheet metal worker with Local 24 Sheet Metal Workers Union.

If you ask Kermit what works he has created or been part of creating, he will tell you to reference pages 1-30 of the "Encyclopedia Scarefactory". However, notable works include, the Angel of Death and help fabricating the Animated T-Rex Skeleton.

In his time with the company, he has travelled the globe, but his favorite work related trip was to L.A. to create the Playboy Mansion's Halloween Party, "do you really wonder why?".  When he isn't travelling with the company or in his bay in the warehouse, he enjoys remote control motorcycles  and experimenting with special effects makeup.

Quote that best describes his general mood? "Lead, follow, or go get donuts"