Shooting Galleries

Gain revenue from your customers and give them a more enjoyable experience while they wait in line.

Galleries can be customized to any theme.

Patrons insert money and press the start button. They then have 45-seconds or 18 shots to shoot the targets that reveal the various hiding places of the ghosts, ghouls, mummies, zombies, spiders, or anything else you could dream up that are hiding in the reaches of the gallery booth.

Each target triggers an animated character/effect that activates the character with accompanying audio and lighting effects. The games are typically lighthearted and just the right blend of fun and fright for guests of all ages.

Most galleries employ simple movements that are built to last and will provide years of trouble free game play. The game system can be configured with bill/coin acceptors, swipe cards and also dispense redemption tickets.

Add more guns to generate more revenue!

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Mummy's Curse Gallery


The Haunted Parlor


Craven's Crypt


Wizard's Gallery


Wizard's Duel